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Few rooms in the home see as much action as the kitchen. The kitchen is often the centerpiece of the home. It’s important that it is as functional and as up to date as possible, and many people achieve this through a kitchen renovation.

The first step in any kitchen renovation is to make a plan. The trick is to plan exactly what you want, and – most importantly – what you can afford. Think about how the kitchen is used and identify the features that you want in your new kitchen.

Convenient Layout

A convenient layout and ease of movement are of paramount importance in kitchen design. If achievable in the space the classic kitchen work triangle should be the basis of the kitchen floor plan. To work well, the fridge, cooker and sink should be in a triangle so you can move easily between the three. The work triangle concept saves unnecessary steps when preparing foods, and is generally agreed upon to be the most convenient kitchen design. Avoid any wasted space and consider where utensils can be stored. Also, leave yourself enough surface space to prepare meals.

Creating a gourmet feast requires room to manoeuvre. To achieve this a further kitchen remodelling idea is to integrate more than one workstation. This allows more than one person to work effectively in the kitchen at the same time. If space allows an island or other similar kitchen feature will add convenient work space. Slots På Nätet

The colour scheme is very important. If you have a small space, opt for light tones to make the room appear bigger. While fitting tiles above kitchen counters can make cleaning and wiping the area much easier too.

Ensure you make a list of what you have and what you need, and work out a budget. Your units, appliances, tiles and worktops are likely to make up the bulk of the cost, but don’t forget the flooring, lighting, paint and/or wallpaper, handles, taps, kickboard, end panels, pelmet, etc. All of these things will add to your budget.

Handy Tips
The choice of lighting will have a considerable impact on the room. Install a spotlight above the cooker, so you can execute dishes with military precision.

Remember that when entering your kitchen most of the time your focal point will be your kitchen curtains. So make sure they are tasteful and not an eye sore, or it will ruin the entire look you were going for.

If possible use granite countertops, because they give your kitchen a stunning look and you will not need to use a cutting board when cooking.

Then try to personalize your kitchen by adding kitchen decor that is stylish, or trendy.

Thanks for visiting Kitchen Showrooms. We hope this helped you create a bespoke kitchen that fits in the Kitchen Showrooms category.
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